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Are you an online language teacher struggling to figure out how to use your skills & expertise to create an online business? 


Do you have unique gifts and skills that can add value & make an impact but don´t know where to start?

I teach you how to position yourself, define your message and execute your launch plan.

We should work together if:

  • Serious about creating a location independent business.

  • Serious about creating a brand that brings high-level impact and value.

  • You have a skill or expertise that can create transformation in someone´s life.

We should not work together if:

  • You are looking to make a quick buck.

  • Not serious or committed to building your business & self-development.

  • Not ready to do the work.

What I Can Offer You:

3  One hour 1:1 online mastermind sessions

Tools & resources on how to build your brand on a budget

How to target your audience the right way

How to position your value

How to package your expertise into a premium offer

How to produce relatable content & grow your client base

Included in my sessions

  • Weekly accountability & check-up emails

  • Personalized Business Action Plan (Created by you and I )

  • Weekly Homework Assignments

  • My Go Independent Workbook

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Copy of Trash Recycling Classroom Poster


By the end of our sessions, you will have laid down the foundation for your online business, gained clarity about your message/ branding, and created your launch plan.


I decided at the end of 2019 I was going to go independent but had no idea where to start. I contacted Nate with 'Go Independent From Scratch', and took his business strategy coaching. After the first session I was on fire! I completed his course and worked hard daily to Go Independent From Scratch!' And I have done just that. Five Apple ESL launched Q1 of 2020! I am running my own business and doing what I love on my terms. No more fear of the wrong feedback plummeting my ranking and ruining my income. I am the business and I learned it all from Nate! Thank you! There are other offerings out there BUT what I received from Nate was not only skill, but inspiration. I also received support throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Nate if it is your desire to Go Independent From Scratch!

Lonnie Taylor,

ESL Teacher

Ready to work with me?


1. Please note that when booking you will see the session duration showing 1 hour. Please ignore this. All packages include 3 full 1-hour coaching sessions. This will be confirmed at the check out page.

2. In order to book simply sign up with your email account and create your own password.

Questions about working with me? 

Email me:

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