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Online Korean Classes

Are you ready to speak Korean like a native?

Learn How To Speak Real Korean Confidently

​안녕하세요! SmarterKorean is an online Korean language school helping you learn Korean from scratch.

Say goodbye to boring outdated textbooks and overly formal dialogues. SmarterKorean focuses on teaching you REAL everyday Korean from day one. From learning how to read Hangul, practicing everyday conversations, and training your ear for fluency, you´ll have the confidence to speak like a native.

Imagine walking into a cafe in Seoul and ordering in fluent Korean... 

Receiving a job offer because of your Korean language skills...

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Why SmarterKorean?

I experienced first hand the difficulties of learning Korean and what other foreigners go through.

Does this sound like you?

  • My Korean teachers can´t explain or answer my questions in detail.

  • No matter how much Korean I listen to or watch I can´t understand anything. I still need English subtitles.

  • Koreans always switch back to speaking in English when I try speaking in Korean.

 SmarterKorean teaches you Korean ¨from the inside out¨. Korean language and culture are very different from the west. Arriving in South Korea without the proper knowledge to help bridge the culture gap often leaves many foreigners isolated from real Korean society.  

My structured curriculum and classes help you get inside the culture and language. Not just memorize words and phrases. 

Personalized Online Classes That Get You Speaking


Korean Alphabet Course

Learn Korean from scratch with my Hangul Boss course designed to teach you how to read the Korean alphabet and master Korean pronunciation.


Daily Korean For Beginners

This course is designed for both complete beginners learning Korean from scratch as well as for those already with some basic knowledge.


Intermediate Korean

Learn how to have higher level conversations about life, experiences, work, travel, and relationships. 


Student Reviews

Khelsea P.
English teacher

It's nice to have a tutor who breaks down the sentence structure of the Korean language one element at a time. SmarterKorean makes sure I understand what I'm saying word for word. I also get to learn neat things about Korean culture during my lessons. I don't think I will find someone more helpful than Nathan when it comes to learning Korean.

Noella C.
English teacher

I like how SmarterKorean tailor each of their lessons towards you and what you want to focus on. I'm currently an EFL teacher in South Korea. And these lessons have been a godsend. I'm now learning more terms and phrases to use in the classroom, which helps me be a more effective teacher. I also like how my tutor/teacher makes me feel comfortable with learning the language and tries to boost my confidence when speaking the language.

Charise A.

Smarter Korean is a great and convenient place to learn Korean. Nate is a wonderful teacher. The classes are fun and engaging. He will get you speaking Korean quickly and explains the grammar points clearly. Anyone that wants to learn Korean, this is a course I would recommend.

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