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My Korean Journey

My Korean journey started 12 years ago back when I was 14 years old. Since I was young I have always been passionate about learning languages and other cultures. From the age of 14 I was fortunate enough to be attend a Korean language school. 

At the age of 15, I visited Seoul, South Korea for the summer and lived with a Korean family. I fell in love with the country and after returning home I decided that once I turned 18 I would return to Korea for university as a full-time student. While my American peers prepared for university in the USA, I was preparing for university in South Korea.


Three years later, just months after my high school graduation after working as a Korean language teaching assistant I was on my way to South Korea. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that my Korean language journey would lead me to be accepted at one of South Korea´s Top Ivy League universities in the heart of Seoul. Since then I have worked for several Korean companies and traveled around the world.

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