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Do you struggle to keep all your Korean notes, vocabulary, and grammar in order? Do you find yourself flipping through pages in your random notebooks to find the right word you learned last week while watching that drama? 


If you are struggling with remembering vocabulary words and grammar you have learned one of the best things to have is an easy to use study planner. Each section is already organized for you from vocab to essential phrases to lesson review sheets. Need an area for corrections made by your tutor or language partner? Don´t worry; I got you! I designed this study planner so you can focus on actually learning Korean. 


Who is this planner for? 

This planner can be used at any level, whether you are a beginner or an advanced Korean learner.


Why it works?

Our brains are naturally programmed to process information and language when it is in an easy to follow and organized way. I specifically designed this easy to follow planner with reusable templates with my language learning methodology. 


What's included?
Sections include: 
✅ Vocabulary Pages
✅ Grammar Pages
✅ Lesson Summary Pages
✅ Must-Know Phrases Pages
✅ Weekly Calendars

✅ Reusable Templates
📓  And much more!


What learners are saying:

¨I purchased the Smarter Korean study planner to use while teaching beginner learners. It is well laid out, organized, simple but inviting to use. The graphics are a nice touch to break up the pages and it covers everything from language reviews, note pages and summaries to goals, motivations and a calendar to plan out your study time. Well worth the money spent on it. I look forward to exploring other offers from this group.¨

-Katy Jones (USA, Korean teacher) 


Terms & Conditions:

All digital product sales are final & are non-refundable.

Printable Korean Study Planner, Note Organizer, Reusable Templates

$19.99 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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